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Edited by Sir S. P. HABMER, K.B.E., Sc.D., P.E.S., and

A. E. SHIPLEY, G-.B.E., M.A., F.R.S.
In Ten Volumes.     Fully Illustrated.    Medium 8vo.     21s. net each.

FIELD.—" The Cambridge Natural History series of volumes is one of
very great value to all students of biological science. The books are not
intended for popular reading, but for utilisation by those who are desirous
of making themselves thoroughly acquainted with the branches of zoology
of which they treat.3'


Protozoa, by MARCUS HALRTOQ-, M.A., D.Sc. ; Porifera (Sponges), by IGEBNA
B. J. SOL LAS, B.Sc.; Coelenterata and Otenophora, by S. J. HICKSON,
M.A., F.R.S. i Echinodermata, by E. W. MACBBIDE, M.A, F.R.S.

FIELD,—" The book can be in the strongest manner recommended to those for
whose benefit it has been written. We know of no work from which a more truly
scientific account of the Protozoa, Echinodermata, and other lower forms of animal
life could be gained,"


Flatworms and Mesozoa, by E. W. GAMBLE, B.Sc.; Nemertines, by Miss
L. SHELDON ; Threadworms and Sagitta, by Sir A. E. SHIPLEY, Q.B.E.,
M.A., F.R.S. ; Botifers, by MARCUS HARTOG, M.A., D.Sc.; Polychaet
Worms, by W. BLAXLAND BENHAM, B.Sc., M.A. ; Earthworms and
Leeches, by F. E. BEDDABD, M.A., F.R.S. ; Gepliyrea and Pnorozds,
by Sir A. E. SHIPLEY, G.B.E., M.A., F.B.S. ; Polyzoa, by Sir S. F.
HABMEE, K.B.E., Sc.B.s F.R.S.

GAMBRIDGE REVIEW.—"Most of the articles are of a Tery high order of
merit—taken;* as a whole, it may be said that they are by far the best which have
as yet been puhlished. . . . We may say with confidence that the same amount of
information, within the same compass, is to he had In no other zoological work."

Molluscs, by the Rev. A. H. COOKB, M.A.; BracMopods (Recent), by Sir

A. E. SHIPLEY, M.A., F.R.S. ; EiocMopods (Fossil), by F. R. C. REED,
TIMES.—*' There are very many, not only among educated people who take an

the latest results of scientific research.    Altogether, to judge from this first volume,
tha Cambridge Natural History promises to  fulfil all  the expectations that its
prospectus holds ont."
Crustacea, by GEOFFREY W. SMITH, M.A., and the late W. F. R. WEM>ON,
M.A. ; TriloMtes, by HENRY WOODS, M.A, ; Introduction to
Arachnida, and King-Grabs, by Sir A. E. SHIPLEY, G.B.E., M.A.,
F.B.S.; Eurypterida, by HKNRY WOODS, M.A. ; Scorpions, Spiders,
Mites, Ticks, etc., by OBOIL WARBUKTOK, M.A. ; Tardigrade
(Water-Bears), by Sir A. E. SHIPLEY, 0.B.E., M.A., P.R.S. ;
Pentastomida, by Sir A. E. SHIPLEY, G.B.E., M.A., F.K.S. ;
Pycnogonida, by D'AacY W. THOMPSON, C.R, M.A.